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Culpeper Zoning 

This map shows Culpeper's Future Land Use Plan. Click here for more detailed info on Culpeper's Comp Plan.

Culpeper's elected officials worked together to define the intent and use of the different property zones throughout the county with one of its goals to protect from harm the residents of the county. 

Culpeper Zoning Definitions


Agricultural Land - It is the purpose and intent of this Article to implement the agricultural recommendations of the adopted Comprehensive Plan by conserving, protecting and encouraging (i) the commercial production of food and other agricultural and forestal products; (ii) the conservation and protection from urbanization of prime agricultural and forestal lands as valued natural and ecological resources which provide essential open space for clean air sheds, watershed protection, wildlife habitat and aesthetic purposes; and, (iii) the use of agricultural and forestal land as an economic and environmental resource of major importance.


Residential - This district is composed of certain quiet, low-density residential areas, plus certain open areas where similar residential development appears likely to occur. The regulations for this district are designed to promote and encourage a suitable environment for family life where there are children and to prohibit all activities of a commercial nature. To these ends, development is limited to relatively low concentration, and permitted uses are limited basically to single-unit dwellings providing homes for the residents, plus certain additional uses such as schools, parks, churches and certain public facilities that serve the residents of the district.


Commercial Services: This district provides for community and business services that need accessibility to serve the community and the region. Such services include all levels of retail service, professional offices, hotels, etc. These are intense commercial uses requiring adequate access, buffering and careful land planning and coordination.


Light Industrial: This district provides for light industry, research and development and related uses in planned park setting and/or at appropriate locations within the community. Related uses include offices, retail, assembly, manufacturing and accessory uses. Activities should be carried out in a planned layout with coordinated use, circulation, access, development staging and infrastructure.

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